Monday, October 22, 2012

Monster Roll

Monster Roll is a short film directed by my friend Dan Blank. You might remember him from the Whatever Lola Wants short I posted here a couple years ago.

I feel very close to this project as I've been watching it develop over the past few years. That and I absolutely love it, it's about sushi chefs who fight sea monsters. How is that not awesome? The final goal is to make a live action feature, so show your support and watch the short at you'll be glad you did.

UPDATED! with a direct link to the short itself.
You should still check out the website though, there's some cool behind the scenes stuff. Oh, and be sure to watch it full screen. And crank up the volume. I'd say make some popcorn too but it's only six minutes.


Unknown said...

This is awesome! I would love to see more!

xerxyz said...

Good lord. This looks amazing. Kung Fu hustle amazing. Does thismean you're doing promtional art for it? like maybe a scantily clad-kimono'd-buxom waitress battling sea beasts with only a butcher's knife? Hmmm... on an unrelated note, do you do commissions?