Thursday, April 21, 2011

Valentine Sculpture Process

I thought I'd show you guys part of the process I went through with Michael Defeo when creating the valentine girl sculpture. Mike works in Z-Brush which is a digital sculpting tool, first he made an initial rough pass based on this art of mine. However, he made her in a neutral standing pose because we want to make a few different pose variations down the line, and it'll be easier for him just to pose one model a few times than sculpt from scratch each time.
So I drew over images of Mike's first pass and made notes on how I'd like him to change it. This first one was done in a pretty strict "turn around" method as this made clear most of the important information.

There was certainly a good amount of back and forth of notes and revisions but always to the progressing improvement of the piece. There were plenty of surprises for me, sometimes something looks great in a 2D drawing but when you bring it into 3D it doesn't work or it breaks something else. Definitely a great learning experience.

This video shows the final standing version, the fruit of the notes and revisions.

valentineFinalDefault from michael defeo on Vimeo.

Then Mike posed her and we continued the revision process a little longer.

And very soon we called her done.

valentineFinal from michael defeo on Vimeo.

You can see a bunch more of Mike's process videos here.