Friday, August 29, 2008

Calling All Artists ... Come in Artists...

Last year I posted a call to artists who might be interested in donating art to the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society for their yearly art sale fundraiser called "Purr-casso". The turn out was wonderful, artists from all over the world contributed pieces that made a huge difference to these animals lives.

Well another bigger and better Purr-casso is on its way and it's going to need contributions. Here's the details.

DEADLINE FOR ARTWORK: October 25, 2008

Submission details:

Step 1: Email: or
Include the following information:
1. Name/Phone Number
2. Medium (painting, photo, quilt, etc.)
3. Size – approximate
4. Number of items
5. How it will be displayed

Step 2: Mail or deliver artwork to BEBHS--October 25, 2008
Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society
Attn: Cindy Shelby
2700 Ninth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Attach to your art work:
1. Your Name
2. Company Name (if applies)
3. Phone Number
4. Address (if applies)
5. Email Address
6. Website
7. Title of piece (if applies)
8. Price of artwork(s)

Portfolio Book:
1 page – 8 ½ x 11
Bio and Photo of artwork
Contact info.
Attach business cards

1. Send artwork framed, or in a manner we can easily display to the public.
2. Your art work will be stored in a safe and secured warehouse near the Hollis Street Project.

The event itself, "Purr-casso Art and Craft Gala" will be held on:

Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008
12-4 PM
Hollis Street Project
5900 Hollis Street, Emeryville, CA

The event will consist of a silent art auction in addition to a normal craft fair. There will be some great art to be had here, as long as all you artists out there are willing to contribute!

Official info from the Purr-Casso blog:
And some more goodies on Bill Robinson's Blog:

Here's the piece that I contributed to last years show.

This year I'm hoping to do at least a couple.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Totoro Update

Tickets have officially gone on sale for the upcoming Totoro Forest Art Auction Benefit Event to be held at Pixar on September 6th. The price of each ticket includes a copy of the amazing Art of Totoro Forest Book, a $40 value.

Here's the breakdown:
Forest Friend - $100 regular admission + book.
Forest Sponsor - $200 includes admission + book + signed limited edition print
Forest Champion - $300 includes middle VIP live auction seating + book + signed limited edition print + gift certificate to Blowfish Sushi
Forest Hero - $500 includes front VIP live auction seating + book + an original drawing by one of the artists

Tickets are on sale HERE. There are a limited number of tickets so if you're interested act quickly. All proceeds will be donated to the Totoro Forest Foundation!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The shop is open!

Or re-open I should say, to include my new book "Bookplate Betties".
So Belle du Jour, Bookplate Betties as well as the limited edition of Bookplate Betties are all available for purchase here on the blog. You'll find the "add to cart" buttons to the right. Purchases are PayPal only.

I've revamped the shop to make international shipping rate application easier. The shop seems fully functional but if you have any troubles or find a bug let me know.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Con was quite the blast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, I met a lot of really great people this year.

Here's a couple of the commissions I did during the convention.

Panda from Jason Pearson's Body Bags:

A Greta naturally:

And this is actually a little painting demo I did for my fiancée shortly after con:

I'm hoping to get the Bookplate Betties book set up on the shop soon, so hang in there it won't be long.