Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Horoscope Honeys Part 3

So to recap, I've made a Horoscope themed pin up calendar for Gallery Nucleus called Horoscope Honeys. It's a 2014 calendar and should be available at the end of June. I've posted all of my thumbnail exploration in the previous two posts. This episode I give you the next step, pencil roughs!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Horoscope Honeys Part 2

I'm letting air the dirty laundry on this post. There are some stinky drawings in here. All part of the process I guess. The stinky part.
Anyway, now that I've figured out my pin-up concepts for each horoscope sign, it was time to start the character designs. In addition to finding lots of personality profiles there were also tons of information regarding the physical appearances associated with each sign. You can see in my notes below I went a little crazy with all that information, but I think it really helped me to come up with unique body types for each character.

To help solidify my design thoughts and to make sure everyone looked unique, I drew this line up. Interestingly I found some information that ranked the bust size according to sign so I let it inform my designs too. I set the line up the same way, with Aries being the largest and Libra being the smallest. I have no idea if it holds any bearing on reality but it makes it fun at least.