Friday, February 1, 2013

In light of tomorrow's gallery show at Feelmore 510 I thought I'd post my rough drawings for the new pieces.

(click to see uncensored)

Here's an alternate to number 2 that I was thinking about.

And my color study.


Unknown said...

Hi Bill,

i'd like to know if some of the pieces on your blog would be for sale, can you reply me at



Robert Ullman said...

Arrrgh so nice!

droosan said...

Best wishes for the Feelmore show..! I can't be there .. but I have put your Gallery Nucleus event on my calendar. ^_^

Aira said...

Fantastic work!

Kristina Bustamante said...

Beautiful drawings as always. And while I have no problems with nudity in art, the censorship for the thumbnails was a smart and considerate move. I might just try that out for my blog.

Lydia Sanchez said...

Nice! :)

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

I like the slightly more rough look of the sketches, good work!