Saturday, June 2, 2012

Banana Girls on Parade

Banana girl statues are well into production, as demonstrated by the photo below.

Everything is moving along on time for a release late this month.
Pre orders are still open.

The statue was actually modeled digitally by Anders Ehrenborg in Z-Brush. You can see the original digital model in the video above.

Below are some photos of the unpainted prototype.


D said...

Wow, that turned out pretty cool!

carnalizer said...

Wow that is looking very nice indeed.

I've started looking in to producing figs based on characters in the game we're making at Mojang. May I ask where you get yours made?


bpresing said...

The manufacturer is called Ownage.

Emerson Fialho said...

Beautiful work! Congratulations!

carnalizer said...

Thanks! I'll look into them. Keep up the good work!

Jessica said...

wow, I always come back to this blog. Bill you are the man and the sculpt by Anders Ehrenborg is ridiculous. I would love to see you sculpt a piece because I'm sure the results would be amazing.