Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fifi Cleans Up America

I recently did a four page comic for the May issue of the French magazine Fluide.G.
If you live in France it should be on the stands now.

I'm not entirely sure if the French are aware of the American stereotype of a French maid, so I'm curious what kind of reaction it'll get. If you're French and you've read it, let me know what you think.

Here's a preview.


cartoonretro said...

Cute and cartoony!

bpresing said...

Thanks man.
Comics are hard.

Mike Jones said...

Nothing like good ol' pole dancers who like dump trucks.

Gad said...

your comics are so great
no words to describe

do more please

Bill Robinson said...

This looks so awesome!!! Can't wait to read the whole thing. Did you write it too?

bpresing said...

I did.
Although I'd use the word "writing" loosely.

Actually my friend Nijo helped me out with some of the dialogue.

GeeBee said...

Will try to find a copy, Bill !

Andreas Schuster said...

super fun! I especially love the colors!

Mathieu Reynès said...

Sooooooo cute ^_^

chromasketch said...

sweet. awesome work.

nathansketches said...

YES! love this. It's great to see you make use of the European format as well. 12 panel grids tough, are you framing it to a scene a page?

Tim Blair said...

Really beautiful! Love the colors in the comic panels.

Federico said...

Hahaha fantastic!
love the patron's faces in the first panel.

And Fifi's cuteness.

The "frou frou" sound is genius=D


french are not aware of the tradition of french maids in american minds... However we (i'm french)do also have that kind of cultural fantasm. You may have to know that in french, they are not maid... They are called "soubrette" wich is more like a rich people employee used to serve in anything you ask her. house cleaning as service as anithing else.
That thing apart, your work is awesome.

Vincent Lefebvre said...

As a frenchy , I must say I like that vision you guys have of french maids ! Though I'm not sure these days it's easy to find real "vintage" ones like the one you drew haha! ...sigh...
Thanks a lot for that great lecture you gave at Blois ( I was one of the geeky animators attending it), I just loved the story about the haunted hospital !
Enjoy your time in France,
all the best.


paul said...

Thanks for the last 2 images
in the Fluide G. comic about a cute and sexy maid named Fifi.
Naturally, I think it kind of burlesques the way pretty women were portrayed in comics and cartoons.

By the way, have you ever seen the Bob Clampett cartoon, Coal Black an de Sebbin Dwarves? It has a cute, yet sexy and funny girl.