Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sketchbook PRESING

Coming soon from Comix Buro!
I'll be signing them at the end of the month at the comics festival in Angoulême.
January 26th - 29th.

You've seen some of the contents here on the blog, but for the most part it's all unpublished material.


Michael Dooney said...

oooh, save me one! You will love that comic fest. I went years back and it was mind blowing. They treat artists REALLY well there, it will be hard to come home to the real world afterwards ;)

bpresing said...

Oh, I know it. This'll be my second time going. I went in '08 for my French Rex Steele book. I've been jonesin' to go back since.
I'll definitely save you a copy.

Unknown said...

I love the zero-g boobs. Not sure I've ever seen that before!

bpresing said...

Outer space will do that.

kalonji said...

Congrats !!

Gillibean said...

Awesome! About time they got someone like you doing one of these books! Ill be sure to get mine at Annecy! Congratulations and thanks :D

Ágreda said...

I'll go and say hi! It will be nice to meet you.

Bannister said...

Very cool news Bill ! Let's not miss each other. What about a nice lunch like the good ol' time ?

You can write me at bannister(at)orange(dot)fr so we can plan somehting, and i'll give you my phone number. ;-)

Ikumi's coming as well ?
Can't wait.

bpresing said...

Agreda! You're going to be there? That's awesome! I can finally meet you in person.

Bannister, it'll be great seeing you again too. I've already emailed you.


GeeBee said...

At last !
I'll buy a copy from my usual dealer in Tours, asap ;°)
No Angouleme for me this year, too bad.
Have a nice stay !

Ivar said...

I have some of the Comix Buro sketchbooks, usually the first 900 are signed and numbered.
And there's always a photo of artist's workplace/table. Cool!

bpresing said...

Sorry I wont see you GeeBee. Say hi to Brigitte for me when you buy the book!

GeeBee said...

I sure will, Bill !
Have a good time there !

Quentin Lebegue said...

Hey Bill, I'm in animation school here in Angoulême, so I'll be there for sure ! Can't wait to meet you !