Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shameless Plugs

Many apologies for the lack of posting lately, I've been busy with a new project that I'll reveal soon. In the meantime a few plugs:

I was recently graced with the honor of writing the quote for the back of the new artbook by the amazing Monsieur Z (site, blog).

Which was a great pleasure as I'm a big fan of his work (you should be too). He even drew a hilarious caricature of me to go with the quote. I'll post it if I can get his permission.

The website DigiBiDi recently added a 17 page preview of Matt Peters and my own Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher book.
You can see it right here:

Rex steele : Nazi Smasher de Bill Presing, Matt Peters, éditions Akileos

Présenté par digiBiDi, la BD à la demande - Location de bande dessinée, comics, manga, roman graphique online

As far as I can tell DigiBiDi is a site specifically dedicated for previews of Comics, Graphic Novels, Mangas and BD naturally. Or at least that's what I assume, not being able to read french and all.

Lastly I'd like to plug my good friend Robert Smith aka "the Iguana".
Rob and I went to comic book school together and we learned much from each other. He works in the New York animation industry and has inked a bunch of Kids Next Door comics for DC. He's in desperate need of a blog, if you know him try to convince him would you? He does however sell some really cute (and sometimes naughty) girly art on Ebay for way to cheap.


dexter-smith said...

I picked up this French addition of Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher book on ! It's fantastic .

I LOVED the DVD that came with it! Bravo!!!

Jmontiel said...


Daniel said...

Hi, Bill,

Glad to see our player of Rex Steele embedded in "Daily Peril".
Yes, we have almost 800 previews of French comics on our site, including translations from US comics, as in the case of Rex Steele.
More than that, we also sell and rent digital versions of about 200 comics of all styles.


Lesley Vamos said...

Congrats! Love the images ^_^

Tal Moscovici said...

Hey, how shamelessly delicious....I love it! Or shall I say, "J'adore!"

locuriatoons said...

hola capo,te queria desir que siempre visito tu blog,por que me encanta lo que haces,tu estilo es unico,un saludo!

Adam Temple said...

Rex Steele looks amazing! Those amazons! Is it being printed in English...ever?

salma hayek said...

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