Friday, May 16, 2008


That's the signal.

Anyone who would like to order a special edition of Belle du Jour with a tipped-in original art bookplate may do so now by e-mailing me a request to

Please title this e-mail "bookplate request" so that I may distinguish it from other e-mails to better identify the 25 proud new bookplate owners. It may also be helpful to list your first five choices (in order of preference) from the list in the previous post. If your first 5 choices are not available I'll let you know what is still available on a person to person basis.

Again the special edition book with original art bookplate will cost $150 US plus shipping and handling (shipping cost will vary based on your location and preference). Each bookplate will be signed and numbered. See previous post for any additional information.

In other news, I will be attending Super-con this weekend. So if you are purchasing a special edition and are also attending Super-con we may be able to arrange the exchange there and avoid shipping costs.
Also for the first time since Calgary I'll be offering art prints in addition to my usual wares at Super-con. Le Frou Frou, Charra, Saraswati and Ergonomic Delight will each be available.

See you there!


steve said...

hope i'm one of the lucky 25!

Jeremy said...

Hey Bill,
I emailed you but I didn't include my top five. My apologies. Please let me know if you want me to send another email or just wait until I see if I'm on the list o' 25.

Have fun at Super-con this weekend...


steve said...

Bill, I'm with Jeremy on this. Sorry. Hastily sent out after scanning for the "secret" subject header. :p

bpresing said...

No problem,
I'll email you each individually and we can work it out.

spoon said...

Heh heh heh ... I delayed my e-mail as I went through the pictures to pick my top 3 choices. was too frantic to pick 4 or 5 lol. Hopefully I'm in.

bpresing said...

As of 1:30 pm there have been 12 requests. So there are still 13 available.
Everyone who has e-mailed so far will get one.

Mel said...

This book is a wonder!

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