Saturday, August 4, 2007

Invisible Death!

Hi everybody,
Sorry for the delayed post. I must have caught a really nasty bug while I was in San Diego, cause I've been stuck in bed for days. But I'm starting to feel much better, therefore I post!

Comic Con report:
I could not have asked for a better con. By the end of preview night alone I had sold all of my special editions with bookplates accept for six, which sold quickly the next morning. Not only that, I completely sold out of the inventory that I brought with me.
I can hardly believe it.
I really want to thank everyone who bought a book and helped support me, your enthusiasm was genuinely touching.
I managed to do some commissions while I was there too, but by the end of the week two of them went unclaimed.
A Rex Steele and a Wonder Woman.

If you are one of the people who requested the commission and still want it, please e-mail me at
Thanks again everybody!


steve said...

Bill, sorry to hear about that bug you caught, but glad to hear you had a good time in San Diego. I've seen a number of commissions you did while there and they are really lovely!

Any news yet on when those of us not able to be in San Diego will be able to purchase your book (along with any more bookplates you may do) ?

Keep up the great work!

Sarah Dungan said...

Oh man, I've been sick all week too! San Diego is infested with the plague! Sorry I left you guys with those last few books of mine - I started to worry about missing my flight and ran for the bus at the last minute.

Mark said...

First I'd like to thank you for signing the copy of the Rex Steele book I bought, you didn't need to but you did anyway and for that I thank you. I'd been looking for your booth and stumbled upon you and was glad to still have some money left when I did.

Sorry about the flu, It seems to have got to everybody, I was at Ashley Wood's blog and he has it too.

Anyway, Thanks!!!

Mark McDonnell said...

You're work is incredible and inspiring man. Thanks for putting a book out there, it was a nice change of pace and I loved the hand touched feeling or your water color work.

Thanks man,


bpresing said...

Wow. It seems like a lot of people got sick. Thats pretty lousy. I'm kinda glad it wasn't just me and my sickly nature though.
Sorry I still haven't set up that shop to sell my book yet, getting sick definitely threw a monkeywrench into that plan. I'll get it done soon, I promise.
And as far as the last 30 bookplates, yes I'm still going to do them, but they might trickle in slowly. They definitely wont get done all at once.

Les personnages : said...

Hey Bill, I'm a big fan of your work. I'll try to make it to sddcc next year to buy some Rew Steele merchandise (I don't own any yet, I know...). I'l ltry to be there at the opening preview night enough stuff to buy, hehe. :-p

Like it's said above, keep up coming the good work.

Les personnages : said...

Sorry I forgot some words in my upper sentences .
I meant "to have enough stuff to buy". :-P

Jenny Lerew said...

Those are drop-dead beautiful--wish I'd commissioned them!

I am just sick that I missed buying your book Thursday; it was one of my specfic aims, yet it eluded me--I didn't even see it at the Red Window booth! Doh. I guess I spent all my time yakking with Scott at that end of the tables...$#@! Dave P. got one, though, and somehow I've got to steal it until I can buy my own. You're tops!

Michael Dooney said...

Glad to hear that you made out well in SD. Hey, if you don't hear from your commish folks I'd love to buy that Wonder woman. Also I'm hoping to get your book once you make them available here or elswhere ;)

Dan said...

Hey Bill I was one of the lucky few who got a hold of one of the bookplate editions of your fabulous book.

Unfortunatley I did not attend and had a pal pick one up for me (sooo lucky!) I just wanted to say how great the book is, great quality and an ample assortment of pieces, you really draw fantastic women.

Best book of the year by far, thanks for putting out such a solid product man. Super inspiring!

Unknown said...

Awesome book. One of my favs of the con. Dang dude, I didn't know you were doing commissions! I'll have to snag one from you for my studio.

Anonymous said...

i sure am glad i didn't get sick from the con, i really am glad i got to pick up your book it is one of my favs!

Matt Schuler said...


Loving your book! Such a nice format too!
A friend of mine wanted to photocopy some pages and I demanded that she purchased a book for herself...
I don't remember how many people I solicited your book to at the con.
Sorry for your ailments; all SDCC seems to do to me is make me unbearably tired for the following 2-3 weeks and unable to produce as much work as I'd like.

Thanks for making this SDCC one of the best ones by far! Your book is among my library of Paul Pope, Claire Wendling, Milton Caniff, Bruce Timm and others...


IZA said...

Thanks for a copy of your AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Book!!! I couldn't be happier with it!!

Kam Steele said...

Getting sick = Totally nasty.

But then again, it could always be worse. It can be allergies and no matter what you take for it, they always come back to haunt you at the worst and the most spontaious moments! They are sneaky and stealthy like... uh... ninjas and they catch you off guard like uh.... like uh.... damn. I'm out of funny analogies this morning. Or what's left of this morning on my end.

Anyways, sorry to hear about you getting sick. And I totally hope you get well soon!

And sorry I couldn't make San Diego to see stuff. Currently, I'm running in to major passport and fincance issues. But it sounds like things went well over there all things said and done.

~ Kamui.EXE/Kam Steele

Seth Reek said...

It was nice to meet you at the Con. You had the best book there. I might have to get a commission next time. They look fantastic!


bpresing said...

Okay guys, Wonder Woman found her rightful owner.
Rex is still orphaned at the moment though.

Jav said...

its quite unbelievable how many people got sick... Its all over the blogs from what i see...
Im pretty bad myself right now and know at least 2 others over here in Chicago that got tagged...
Those commissons are awesome! I wouldve got one had I known. I'm still pissed that i missed the chance to get a killer bookplate.
Youre book tops the list this year Bill! Beautiful stuff...
After meeting you I dont hate you so much. you seem like a stand up guy!
Get well...

Kam Steele said...

If Rex is still orphened, you can always guilt them in to picking it up with the online medium. Observe:

Okay... maybe I was just bored and this ran through my head, but if it guilted someone in to picking up your commission or at least got some form of giggle/aww-moment, I considered my job here is done. ;)

~Kamui.EXE/Kam Steele

bpresing said...

Aww, he looks so scared and alone.
Poor little guy.

Kam Steele said...

I'll take that as a good sign then. Hopefully, it'll have the same effect (more or less) on everyone else. ;)

~Kamui.EXE/Kam Steele

Unknown said...

Hey Bill,

I was the lowly soul that asked you for a commisioned pencil sketch entirely to late @ SDCC (I believe I asked you Saturday afternoon...).

If that Rex goes unclaimed, I would absolutely buy it from you! By the way, thank you for being so gracious, open, and available at SDCC, it was a real pleasure talking with you, and I'm definately looking forward to the next optonity to buy more of your work, it really is fantastic!

Mark McDonnell said...

Hey man. I would like to know how much a commision would be or if you have any of the images in your book that you would be interested in parting with . . .particularly the slight upshot of the girl on the couch wearing glasses enjoying her coffee . . .with matching lighting? All my best and good luck with the new graphic novel,