Friday, July 20, 2007

Death From Above!

Yet more bookplates.


roque said...

I think you have to do a new book on your bookplates. Geez.


All lovely... somethin' else when it comes to figures... wow.

Randall Sly said...

Bill your drawings are awe-inspiring. I was wondering if you could email me at I would love to interview you for the Character Design blog. You could talk about your amazing book your advertising too.
I Look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Bed said...

Thanks for sharing Bill. Beautiful stuff. I especially like the swimsuit set of drawings.

Mike Thompson said...

They get better and better, Bill! Great work!

Request: Perhaps you could post pics of your studio sometime. That would be something special.

Justin said...

Awesome man! I cannot wait. Friend from work just flew out to SD, gave him some cash to pick up your book for me at the con since i cannot make it. Can't wait.

Dave Dick said...

Man, I can't get enough of your drawings. What's your process if you don't mind me asking?

Unknown said...

wow man your art is sweetness itself ..very inspiring and fresh..
i got really motivated looking at it..
someday i'll get your book...or books..haha i'm optimistic
i must say i'm really busy as i'm moving to canada in 4 days!! and couldn't just ignore your blog i thought i should let you know how it made my day!
thanks..and keep it up
P.S. it would be wonderful to read an interview with you so i hope you accept "randall sly" invitation ..the character design blog is just a mine of knowledge.
sorry for the long comment :)

bpresing said...

Thank you for the kind words Hatem, good luck in Canada.

Dave, I've been doing the bookplates the same way I did the Hindu Goddess that I posted on the blog earlier. I paint an underpainting first with acrylic washes to establish the value structure, then apply color washes with concentrated watercolor on top.

And to Randall, yes I would like to do an interview. I'll email you shortly.

Unknown said...

This is really nice man, very inspiring!