Monday, June 4, 2007

Fight Rex Fight! Part 1

I thought I'd go a little more in depth with my comic book process, as there are a few stages before I even get to the final thumbnails. I can't say I'd recommend doing it this way because it's really a lot of extra work, but it's what I'm comfortable with.
For the example I'm using a 5 page Rex Steele comic that was done for "Digital Webbing Presents" #29
The very first step in the process was discussing the story with my partner Matt Peters. Once we figured out what we wanted, I drew a series of thumbnail storyboards of the entire story (as you see below). I'm a storyboard artist by profession so this is really the most natural first step for me. This also allows me to get a panel count, and therefore a page count. Our goal in this case was to make a 5 page comic, and as you can see I had way too many panels to do that.
The next step is to edit, and try again.


Anonymous said...

awesome thumbnails and very inspiring.

gemini82 said...

The gods have answered me. First Alex Woo starts a blog now you. Keep posting man.

Mike Wieringo said...


It's so cool that you've got a blog. Now I've got a place to come and see me some new Presing every so often... I couldn't be happier!

stephen said...

Wow. Love the economy--everything's there. thanks for sharing.

Martin Wittig said...

Bill! Great to see your work again! Wonderful sketches, I'll be back for more.