Friday, April 25, 2014

Rex Steele is Coming to Spain!

That's right, Rex Steele is being published in Spain by Aleta Ediciones and will be available next month! Not only that but myself and Rex's co-creator/writer Matt Peters will be attending FICOMIC, the comics festival in Barcelona May 15th-18th to sign copies of Rex Steele!

To celebrate Rex Steele's arrival in Spain, fan art by the amazing Spanish comic book artist José Luis Ágreda!

Sorry for the long absence from the blog, I've been busy making stuff. Soon the floodgates will open.


Oscar Marti said...

Can't wait to meet you there


Oscar Marti said...
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Oscar Marti said...
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David Sastre said...

Hi Bill, will you bring prints and books to Barcelona? I really would like to have "Bookplates Betties"dedicated...See you soon!!

Oscar Marti said...

Well, I wish you'll bring some books also. And was wondering about commissions too! How could anyone get something drawn before the con? Or maybe drawn during the convention?
Please let us know.


bpresing said...

Hey Guys,
I definitely don't have time to do commissions ahead of time. Work is way too busy. As for commissions during the show, I don't know. Maybe. I really don't know what to expect at this festival. If it's anything like Angouleme it'd be dedications only.
I might be able to bring along some books, a small number at least. I'll need to ask my publisher though.

Oscar Marti said...

Hey Bill! We are already in the line waiting for you to arrive next week. Hope you'll draw some of those wonderful dedications for us here too! ;)

Oscar Marti said...

Hi Bill!

Hope you had a safe trip back home. You worked really hard here. Just hope you had some free time to enjoy the visit to Barcelona.

Please contact me to let me know if you think you could complete the commission we talked about. No hurries! Would wait as long as is necessary.



Oscar Marti said...

And please provide an e-mail address so I can send you the scan you requested of the sketch you drew for me there!


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Melissa Ballesteros said...

hi bill are you going to be at the CTN ? I will love to meet you :D

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