Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Horoscope Honeys Part 3

So to recap, I've made a Horoscope themed pin up calendar for Gallery Nucleus called Horoscope Honeys. It's a 2014 calendar and should be available at the end of June. I've posted all of my thumbnail exploration in the previous two posts. This episode I give you the next step, pencil roughs!



Alex_Munguia said...

have you considered including the descriptions you researched with the calendar? I think some people might enjoy it since interest in knowing your zodiac is normally driven by wanting to know more about onself.

Pagas said...


chromasketch said...

sweet, can't wait to see the other ones..

Ink Asylum said...

Looking great! I know what calendar I'll be using in 2014.

Kendall Robinson said...

Yee! I love the Pisces pose you chose, super cute, she's stealing the show to me :D Love 'em! And thank you for the response in your last post - excited!

bpresing said...

Yes I did include much of the information that I found. I refined it to what was relevant to the pin up versions, but yes it's in there.

Alex_Munguia said...

cool- ill get one

DesignSender said...

How did you get the inspiration for Gemini?