Monday, June 25, 2012

Banana Girl Production Update

The statues are nearly done!

This photo shows the design being silkscreened onto the bottoms of the bases, but as I understand it assembly has been completed and the manufacturer is now making it's final rounds of quality control before boxing them up. So I'm anticipating that they'll be ready to ship any day now.

For the moment Pre-orders are still open.


Jeff Maka Merghart said...

Can't wait!! :P Must have banana girl ! ;P Looks awesome, as usual ~

fiawol said...

Will the statue be available from anyone at San Diego Con? And will you be there yourself at any time, or at Trickster anytime?

bpresing said...

Yes, there will be a few statues available at Trickster, but not very many unfortunately. I'll be there sometime on Friday and Saturday too.

fiawol said...

I had asked something similar to this last year, you probably did a number of "turn" drawings for the Banana Girl statue, would it be possible for you to bring a few with you to Trickster that someone (like me) could purchase from you, or get a "hula girl" commission from you while there?

bpresing said...

Actually I did not do any control art for this. Anders sculpted it based on only the illustration. Then I did some draw overs to help him refine it.
A commission is possible, but I'll probably only be able to do a couple at best.

fiawol said...

Well, I'll do my best to see you early on Friday, unless you're willing to take an advance commission for that subject (Hula Girl). e-mail me at fiawol @ if you'd like an advance payment. See you there!

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