Saturday, April 18, 2009

Between Rounds

Next weekend Gallery Nucleus opens a Street Fighter tribute group art exhibition. This gave me a great opportunity to get this Chun-li piece out of my system. Chun-li was always my favorite Street Fighter character, as a young man I spent many an afternoon daydreaming of those thighs spinning through the air. Sigh.
Anyway, the original art will be available for purchase at Gallery Nucleus April 25, 2009 - May 11, 2009.

Here are a few highlights from the progression.


Thierry Martin said...

superbe, i love it

Bill Robinson said...

Ha! This is terrific.

Bruce said...

Amazaing stuff! got the thighs just right, lol

Michael said...

Wow! I love it! You, sir... are awesome! ^_^

SHOo said...

Love it! Chun-li was one of my favs too back in the days... until Cammy came in. Glad to see both of them in your piece! =) Love your work!

Daryl T said...


Bobby Chiu said...

friggin amazing Bill!!

Odd Voodoo said...

Chun-Li Never looked better!! Wow! Cammy in the reflection was a nice touch too!

Kei Acedera said...

So glad you got this out of your system, it's frikkin gorgeous! I love the style!!

Larry Levine said...

Truly awesome!!!

Mel Celestial said...

Hawt Damn! Took me a while to notice Cammy in the background, but everything in this piece is awesome, pretty, and sexy! <3 Loving it

XENöSIS said...

Wicked work. It must be hard for these video game characters having only 2 outfits to choose from every day :P.

Leocartunista said...

Wow....your style is amazing.
Congratulations for your fantastic blog.
Greetings from Brazil.

Fabrizio Ferrari said...

Great As Usual!!!!

A-T-G said...

Lovesit! I can't wait to see what else your system's got in it!

Jeremy said...

What a beaut! Great job Bill. And who doesn't love Chun-Li!

Reynes said...

Strange and funny, I was thinking about a Chun-Li illustration too ! Well, yours is just beautifull, I give up ! ;)

pablo pablo said...

Beautiful !

Brian Growe said...

Wow, impressive!

Shane said...

Im officially in love with this one.. good lord man you constantly keep me wanting to see more.. thank you again for sharing Bill .. Absolutely Wonderful!

Vanhoozerbot said...

Amazing work.


Chris Battle said...


Howard Shum said...

Excellent piece!

elephantmarchblog said...

Nice, man. You definitely nailed her "Thighs of Authority".

Anson Jew said...

Oh my.

Very nice!

I enjoy looking at your workup art as well.

Mukpuddy said...

Freakin' awesome dude!!!

Joey Lee said...

Best streetfighter based pic i've seen. You are a monstrously talented individual Mr. Presing.

Quick question: roughly how long did this illustration take you to complete?

bpresing said...

Thanks guys n' gals.

Don't give up. There's too much awesome potential.

It's hard for me to judge how long this one took me because I only worked on it in little bits of time over the course of a few weeks. I'm really not sure.
20 hours maybe? Maybe more, I don't know.

If anyone went to the Nucleus Street Fighter show let me know how it was. Wish I could have been there.

Chris Boyd said...

Beautiful work!

Patrick Schoenmaker said...

Awesome bill, sexy stuff!

Constant said...

The Nucleus Show was crazy cool. Wall to wall people. They projected onto opposing walls the SF challenge. There were people dressed up as characters from SF; Ken (with a really bad least I hope it was a wig), Ryu, Chun Li, and Cammy (the cutest of the bunch). There was a camera crew there shooting the event for the web(?).

I was lucky enough to purchase your Chun Li piece. I can't wait to pick it up once the show is over. Do you ever part with your prelims? I'd love pickup the prelims to this piece.

Brad said...


bpresing said...

Constant ,
Great to hear that you got the piece. I'm always curious who buys my work.
The preliminary art I generally like to keep for the pieces that I part with. The color studies especially because I use them for color matching when I make prints or publish them in books.
Sorry dude.

laura said...

pretty awesome. i'm glad i got to see this at the opening on my trip to LA!

Tatevik Avakyan said...

Wow! Beautiful work :)

xenos said...

we attended the show on opening night and it was PACKED. have to say, i almost had to hadoken someone in the face in order to get a good look at some of the art there. both my wife and i really dug your piece alot... said...

Lovely, I think is the word I'd use to describe this piece. Wonderful blog btw a friggin' amazing source of inspiration!

masayume said...

truly wonderful !

Damien said...

the best of both worlds, girls n' games!

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