Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Penny Farthing Part II

As promised, the final.

And the color study.

I'm really enjoying working on colored paper. It's great starting with the mid tone, you can work from mid to light and mid to dark instead of light all the way to dark. And colors are pretty much automatically unified.
I think it's some kind of pastel paper. It tears up easily if I erase but it absorbs color nicely and I can get some really subtle grads on it.


Virginie "SHOo" Lin said...

Oh Bill, it's fantastic! I think it's my favourite... And I'm a big fan!
All the best

Uncle Phil said...

this is amazing... jerk.

Mits said...

Nice paintings! I think it's some kind of pastel paper which absorbs colour nicely. I like your way of colouring from dark to light.


Mits said...

Your art is superb. I like your imagination. You are really good. I hope I will be able to see more pictures very soon. All the best.......


Jeremy said...

Simply exquisite. You have outdone yourself with this piece. It is instantly one of my favorites. And I agree with you that the colored paper adds a new dimension.

As always sir, yer awesome!


bboy said...

beautiful work.

Randeep Katari said...

Man oh man, this is KILLER Bill. Great work, LOVE the coloring style. Always look forward to more!

Monkeyfeather said...

This is really quite gorgeous Bill. Are you using Gouache for your white parts?

Larry Levine said...

Bill, I'm completely blown away, these are awesome, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!

The first one is my personal favorite, truly outstanding.

? said...

if they could sell stacks of the paper they print Chipotle menus on....I would be a happy man. :)


rory said...

That came out great!

Anthony Holden said...

Gals and bikes, what's not to love? This looks great! and thanks for the process updates; it was cool to watch it happen.

Brian said...

Oh my, that is flat out gorgeous.

Great work.

andy ristaino said...

dang! it's a beauty bill.


Brandon said...

Gorgeous work Bill. I love that none of this is digital (not that there's anything wrong with that).

A coupe of questions:

How do you transfer the final comp to the toned paper?


Do you use ellipse templates and curves for the ellipses and curves here?

oh yeah,
I'm guessing this is all sketched out on marker paper. right?

Bill Robinson said...


Nicolas Martinez said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicolas Martinez said...

She's pretty! :)

captain said...

we love her, bill!
Le Frou Frou is getting a prominent home in our living room!
much love and endless thanks,
sarah and dan

Vincent Di Livio said...

Wow, this piece is amazing. It looks to be all hand done. Do you do much in Painter or Photoshop?

roque said...

Another stunning piece, Bill!

Reynes said...

This one is really superb !
And you're right, the colored paper gives a great unified final render.

mikecarloooyeah said...

Wow man, this is amazing. Great work.

gemini82 said...

What medium did you use

Bobby Chiu said...

Looks so sweeet! Nicely done Bill. I like the colored paper as well.

Kei Acedera said...

It's VERY nice Bill!! there's so much care put into it (especially on the tire lines!!)--just stunning!

Clio said...

Damn..... this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

GeeBee said...

Le Frou-Frou, again ?!
Will you do a serie on that theme ? ;o)
I love all the subtle tones on this one.
Great painting, Bill !

Chris Battle said...

oo la-LA!

Joey Lee said...

I just wanted to say that you are an amazing talent. I've tracked your work for many years, and it's a treat just checking out the latest jewels on your blog. The amount of inspiration i've taken from your work is astounding.

Skid said...

its beautiful!


sweet jesus...

Juampa said...

You´re great!!! man.

Scotland Barnes said...

Nice work Bill!

I'll never look at those old bicycles the same way....thank the gods.

Lydia Sanchez said...

Beautiful girls!!!

I love like you had coloured this draw.

Justin said...

Gorgeous! Great studies as well.

Howard Shum said...

Amazing work!

Hoon said...

Ridiculously gorgeous!

Sarah Forrester said...

Wow, she turned out great! Beautiful! :)

Gabe Fullilove said...

So good Bill, I really like this one.

I asked for your bookplate betties book for my birthday this year. I am really praying I get a copy.

All the best. Gabe.

Jav said...

beautiful bill

Gavin Ball said...

Wow, this is some really amazing stuff you got here man!

Thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

Ya killing me with this stuff! I love the two pieces I've seen of this gal! Hateful man! Why must I suffer so (since I don't own them?!)

Thanks for sharing this!

Jeff Harter said...

This is really great. Love the sophisticated colors and drawing.

Justin Hunt said...

Truly amazing piece Bill!
You are a god among men.

Kheang Kho said...

Wow Bill! That is a killer pieces. I love it. I love the muted colors. Absolutely one of my favorites from you.

Kevie said...

Yo Bill, you're a monster. Awesome work.

Thomas F. Dougherty said...

You've captured the look of posters from the turn of the last century. Amazing job!

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