Friday, August 1, 2008


Con was quite the blast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table, I met a lot of really great people this year.

Here's a couple of the commissions I did during the convention.

Panda from Jason Pearson's Body Bags:

A Greta naturally:

And this is actually a little painting demo I did for my fiancée shortly after con:

I'm hoping to get the Bookplate Betties book set up on the shop soon, so hang in there it won't be long.


Skim said...

such gorgeous work!!

Fabián Fucci said...

Love the first! :-P~

kaNO! said...

Awesome as always.

Craig Zablo said...

Everyone's a winner, baby! [Hmmm... that should be a song title!]

crylic said...

Yeah that first one is deadly! I'm also very much enjoying the Bookplate Betties book, Bill. It is fantastic!

intergalactic said...

Hey Bill,

Any chance you could share a few tips tricks on water colors with us?


hadi tabasi said...

very great the first.

Chrissie A said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Looking forward to ordering 'Bookplate Betties'!

Michael Dooney said...

that demo piece is killer. I can just see how you doing a demo would go...Step one, do a really good drawing. Step two, paint it very nicely...done!

Lovelace said...

Hey Bill- you are a fountain of cheesecake fortitude!

Totoche Tannenen said...

Rââââh, lovely !

*daisy said...

Hey Bill! It was wonderful getting to meet you down at the con and getting a copy of the Bookplate Betties book- it's so lovely and inspiring! : D I agree with intergalactic's suggestion on sharing any watercolor secrets- I loved studying the interstitial pages w/ the roughs and in-progress pieces in the Bookplate book... again, it was great to meet you and take care!

Ben Newman said...

the panda one is superb!

pablo pablo said...

excellent babes!

Jay D Smith said...


Daniel Arriaga said...

This is some awesome work. I really like your Totoro piece. Very inspiring.

Visedo said...

Wow, man! Awsome! Great work. I specially like the third picture (the girl in the red bikini).

I recently bought a book of Rex Steele and I liked your style a lot. I'll come around more often.

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