Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Beware the Belle du Jour! Part 2

So the Belle Du Jour Shop is officially up and running! (I think it is anyway)
You can place your order with the paypal buttons to the right.
Please let me know if you have any problems with ordering, it's largely untested and I'm learning how this works as I go.


Chris Battle said...

My summer is now complete! Thanks for making this available so quickly, Bill. Now I can stop coveting all my pals' copies.

Mack said...

Thanks for offering the book. I can't wait to check it out!

Keath007 said...

Mine's ordered! Thanks for putting it online for us Bill!

Brian said...


Will you be offering it with the book plates at a later date?

bpresing said...

I will be offering bookplated versions, yes. I have 30 more to do. When I'm going to have time to do them is a mystery however. I'm really swamped with work.
When I have 'em I'll make an announcement, that is for sure.

coneill said...

thanks! just ordered one. cant wait.

steve said...

So, if we want a bookplate version, we should wait... ?

bpresing said...

It's up to you. I will make them for sure, I know that. I have a feeling that I'll release them ten at a time, given my schedule over the next couple months.

Jay D Smith said...


mnmears said...


I e-mailed you about ordering both the Belle du Jour (with a bookplate featuring a red-head if possible) and the Rex book. Can we pay now for a bookplate version -- or do you want us to wait?

I really like your drawings and find them a bit more appealing than what I've seen of Chris Sanders' luau girls.

His work just seems to be a bit bloated -- as if his models have been puffed up with an air compressor.

Your sketches remind me of some of the best work in Playboy -- and I'm wondering if any of your individual drawings have been published there or elsewhere?

Thanks ... and keep up the great work!

Monkeyfeather said...

Picked one up in San Diego. The book turned out GREAT Bill!

Robert Ullman said...

Bill, I emailed Scott Morse a few days back asking for information about this "Pressing" guy...I'd been spelling your name wrong in all my searches! The book looks spectacular, and I can't wait to get my paws on one!

I shoulda knowed I'd see so many familiar faces (Hey Mack! Hey Keath!) from my blog in the comments section...them fellers have good taste!

Howard Shum said...

I bought the book at San Diego. It's my favorite item from the show! Everyone should get one.

Reynes said...

Your work is beautifull ! Great style and nice colors :) I'll get your book quickly.

Purple Quark said...

Sweet! already ordered :)

Jenny said...

Bill, you're great. Now send me my books!!! ; )

btw, several of your tipped-in copies are on Ebay; you might get a kick out of watching those auctions(and see how badly youre' sought after). One has one of the bookplates that I really coveted from you--after the fact, of course. I really blew it at the Con and somehow missed your book though I spent a good amount of time with Scott and Don there. Congrats on the terrific work and keep posting!

chrisdicker said...

lovin all the work so far, Where can I get the book?

bpresing said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for the heads up on those Ebay auctions. I'm glad that some people who couldn't make it too con are getting a second chance to get one, but I am a little disappointed that the seller didn't buy them because he or she wanted them. Anyway, yeah, I'm fascinated by what the results will be.

Lovelace said...

I ordered my BP-Babe-of-the-Day book, and now I'm gonna camp out by the mailbox like Daffy waiting for the next installment of Duck Twacy.

Michael Dooney said...

Sweet, I'm definitely getting one. Not to beat a dead horse here, but if I wanted a book plate edition, how would that work exactly with you workload slowing things down...would you send the book now and the plate later or both later (can't wait!)

Mack said...

Just got my book in the mail and it's a beaut! Thanks!!!



Look...No Hands said...

thanks for the awesome book Bill. after picking up the book and dvd of Rex Steele, i waited for what it seemed like forever for the next thing that you were going to put out. it was well worth the wait.


Leo Matsuda said...

Wooow... Your girls are amazing!!!! Love the colors, the poses, and the personality in the drawings. Keep up inspiring us, Bill!

Jenny said...

Hey Bill--received the books--thanks for shipping so quickly(after all--it's not like you've got nothing else to do!).

Re: the ebay auction--I'd bet the seller likely bought several copies and retained at least one for themselves. If not, they're nuts.

I'm going to be keeping an eagle eye on your blog for my own chance at one of your originals...I'm still agog at how many you were able to do(and all beautiful). Congrats again!

David Nethery said...


I received the book this week. Love it .

A classy job all around. The drawings are amazing, but I like the layout , the printing, the binding . It's all good.

ShapeStrong said...

Oh I simply must have this! beautiful work. I found you through Alberto Ruiz. I plan to keep close tabs and order a book asap

Map' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Map' said...

Hi Bill,

I just received my order today. I'm happy ! This is at first a nice object, a book that you manipulate with pleasure. And when you open it.... that's even nicer !

I must mention also that the ordering and delivery process was quite fast. Ordered august the 14th and delivered today in France. I was prepared to wait much more longer (but don't change anything Bill). Thanks !

[Moth] said...

I just ordered mine. Hope it will arrive soon, Bill!

Sassy Redhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Ullman said...

Wowie. The book arrived yesterday, and last night I broke all my pencils in half and burned my sketchbooks. This morning I signed up for a job digging ditches.

David Maximo said...


I recently purchased your book. Although it hasn't arrived yet, ever since I saw these images online I obtained this lingering obsession:

PLEASE PLEASE tell me how you learned how to paint watercolor! Are there any books, materials, or instructors you can recommend? What's the biggest tip you could give your biggest fan?

MehmetSaygin said...

Hi Bill,

I wonder if it is possible to purchase a bookplated version now and wait for you, no matter how long :)
Best :)

mgeo said...

I saw your recent post about the cover for your new book.

Did you ever work on the outstanding 30 bookplates for Belle du Jour? Do you still plan to do so?

Seth said...

I have been fortunate enough to have gotten your book, Belle du Jour. Strangely I didn't realize that you are just down the street from me at pixar. I could have saved the 5 bucks and picked it up! Damn my hide for not paying better attention to the artist's location. Oh well, it's well in hand and I have enjoyed sharing it with my counterparts here at work. Keep it up. Maybe When I get my book you can get one! Great job!

BTW as per your suggestion I have also purchased the Rex Steele book and DVD. Should be here soon!

Renato|Rena said...

first, congratulation for tour amazing work! i need a belle du jour book. can you send one to sao paulo - brazil? the 'sold out' message is running! the paypal option is disabled.
it's possible? thanks. renato.

XXX said...

I love your works and I am an animation student right now. But I saw this Belle Du Jour book preview and eventually inspired from it. Just like the feeling I am inspired of glen keane and fred moore works. I love the dynamic poses and there's character on every sketches you have. I would be honored to have a cafe drawing session with you.

The thing is, I wish this Belle Du Jour book isn't sold out I want to have it so badly. Can you make it come true... a 2nd reprint???

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